Joshua S. Goodrich, J.D., LL.M. CLE List

Michigan Attorneys are not required to take a minimum number of continuing legal education (CLE) unlike in some other states. In order to maintain our competence to practice law (Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.1, Comment).

Every day, with every lawsuit and every decision the law is evolving, what was good law yesterday may be bad law today. To make sure our clients are covered our staff engages in CLE to keep their skills up to talk with other attorneys practicing in many different areas.

Description of ProgramHoursIssuing AuthorityYear
Un-Model Behavior: Lessons Learned from
Violations of the
Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Expungement Training and Legislative Update1KCBA2020
Landslide Practical Guidance for Managing
Open Sources Software Legal Risk
Criminal Misdemeanor & Traffic Cases
New ideas to Expand & Excel your Practice
Start Your Case:
Complaint, Summons, and Service
Demonstration: Admit and Objection to Exhibits.25MI/ICLE2020
Demonstration: Conduct Oral Arguments
at a Motion Hearing
Impact of Wayfair Decision on Online Businesses.5 MI/ICLE2020
Virtual Trials and Voir Dier during COVID-19.5MI/ICLE2020
Protecting Seniors in an Age of Scams1.8ABA 2020
Internet Legal Research on a Budget1.2ABA2020
COVID-19 Remote Learning and Working for
Law students and Lawyers with Disabilities
The Internet and ADA Compliance 1 ABA2020
Gone With the Wind? What Lawyers Need to Know about Cybersecurity and Disaster Planning and Response1.8ABA2020
Breakfast Basic: Wellness and Self-Care for Young Lawyers1 MI/ICLE 2019
Begin a Limited Scope Representation Practice.5MI/ICLE2019
Handle Complex Limited Scope Representation Issues1 MI/ICLE 2019
Communicate with Limited Scope Representation Clients.25 MI/ICLE 2019
Lawyer Trust Account Seminar:
Management Principles & Recordkeeping Resources (Michigan)
The Buck Stops Here: Professionalism and Ethics for In-House Counsel1IL2018
Legal Professionalism 1011IL2018
Talking about my Generation: Learning Conversations in the Legal Workplace1IL2018
Advocacy in the Face of Bias1CA2018
Advocacy in the Face of Bias1CA2018
Suicide Among Lawyers1 CA2018
Mindful Law Practice1CA2018
Gone with the Wind? What Lawyers Need to Know about Cybersecurity and Disaster Planning and Response 1CA2018
Pants on Fire: The Duty of Candor Before Tribunals, in Discovery, and During Negotiations1.5ABA2017
Trying High-Profile Cases in Today’s Media Environment1.5ABA2011

“Maintaining Competence

To maintain the requisite knowledge and skill, a lawyer should engage in continuing study and education, including the knowledge and skills regarding existing and developing technology that are reasonably necessary to provide competent representation for the client in a particular matter. If a system of peer review has been established, the lawyer should consider making use of it in appropriate circumstances. ” (Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.1, Comment)

For more information on the types of CLE’s offered by sponsoring agency we have provided a list for each provider.

ABA — American Bar Association — (
AP — Attorney Protective — (
ICLE — Institute of Continuing Legal Education — (
KBCA — Kalamazoo County Bar Association — (