Cybersecurity/Internet Law

Every company and person today is subject to some form of cyber risk.  We focus on information privacy and cybersecurity for both individuals and business clients.  A business may have to deal with Distributed Denial of services (DDos) attacks, data security breaches, and other forms of attacks that arise. Today federal and state regulators are looking at regulations of all types of personally identifiable information.   We take a unique problem-solving approach with practical and end-to-end guidance, from assessing network/data security and regulatory compliance to preventing and responding to the aftermath of a cyber-attack and data breach.

Internet fraud, online defamation, reputation management, false online reports, copyright violations, domain name dispute, cyberbullying and cybersquatting are just some types of typical cyber internet law.  If you are a victim of cyber harassment, cyberbullying, cyber fraud our office may be able to help you. 

Data Breach Response

If your company thinks you may have suffered a data breach, our office can provide immediate response and investigation both technical and legal under the protection of attorney-client privilege. On staff, we have a lawyer and professor of Cybersecurity who understand the legal and technology sides of the problem.